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June Specialty Class

Isagaya Flow

Monday June 26th 10-11am

With Jenn Tamara

Through "Isagaya Flow" you will relieve your mind and body from stress with Yoga, Pressure Points and the joy of Movement. In life the energy you give out is what you receive in return.


Isagaya is the combination of two words from the Philippine Tagalog language, "ISA" meaning "one" and "GAYA" meaning "reflecting". Getting in touch with your own body and searching within is key to Isagaya Flow. Isagaya Flow Technique was created by Jenn Tamera. She has incorporated her joy of movement and knowledge of the body to bring this unique style to you.

Jenn will guide you with the use of "flow balls" and other yoga props. She will also help you experience the therapeutic effects of Yoga and the joy of movement. Through breathing practices and physical postures, you will learn how to integrate your body, mind, and spirit. Ultimately with Isagaya Flow you will be able to explore and get more in tune with your body and energy. In this exploration you will discover the physical and energetic tension you have been retaining and gain the skills on how to release that tension.


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