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Mission Statement

Ofie’s Elite Physiques, Inc is a Pilates based health and fitness studio that will enable individuals to obtain one of the greatest gifts of all, that of good health and well being. Our mission is dedicated to providing superior personal health and fitness training for all individuals, from the beginner to the elite athlete.

It is our personal and professional obligation and passion to provide you with quality service, along with safe and effective exercise programs. Our personalized Pilates based programs will transform revive and reconstruct the bodies and minds of those who seek a greater purpose in life. We will guide you every step of the way to insure success in reaching your fitness goals.

Ofie’s Elite Physiques is based on the “Pilates Method” of physical development. Pilates is an integrated balance of strength, flexibility, alignment and posture. This method is recognized worldwide for its safety, rapid results and developmental focus on both the mind and the body.

Ofie Dates



“My passion for life and belief in a positive healthy lifestyle is the key to overall wellness. To be able to offer individuals personal gains and positive achievements in their life is one of the greatest gifts I can give to everyone.”

Ofie Dates

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