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Intense Workout

Strength Training

Sport Specific Training

Benefits of Strength Training
& Sport Specific Training

Improves muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility

Improves neuromuscular efficiency and coordination

Improves muscle activation and joint stability

Improves movement patterns and corrects imbalances

Improves the body for optimal performance and sport specificity

Improves balance and reduces the risk of injury

Enhances overall well-being of the mind and body

Sessions with Master Trainer Ofie Dates

Certified Exercise Physiologist, Certified Pilates Educator, Accredited Athletic Trainer 


Intro Session $100

Single Private  $125

4 Privates $480

8 Privates $920

12 Privates $1320


​*Price Per Person
Intro Session $60

Single Semi-Private $75
4 Semi-Privates $260

8 Semi-Privates $496
12 Semi-Privates $720

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