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​Ofie Dates


Ofie Dates, founder and owner of Ofie’s Elite Physiques, Inc., a Pilates based Health and Fitness Studio, is renowned in the Pilates and fitness industry for her years of experience, passion, and dedication to the art.  Ofie is a graduate of the University of Southern California/USC Early Childhood Education Program and for over 25 years, has devoted herself to mastering the various disciplines of the fitness industry.  After studying all entities of fitness and dance, her career flourished, and for ten years, Ofie maintained a dual career as an international model/fitness promoter and as an Executive Director for Health and Tennis Corporation of America.  Her accomplished career extends beyond the fitness industry to professional performances in dance, theatre, film, television, and video.


Ofie’s personal commitment to her craft heightened her career further when she earned her credential as a Certified Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine/Loma Linda University.  She is an Accredited Athletic Trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine/ACSM and Master Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine/NASM specializing in biomechanics/kinesiology. Ofie is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher/NCPT with the Pilates Method Alliance and in the Pilates Method with classical training from the PhysicalMind Institute/PMI and was designated their West Coast Regional Examiner.  As a dedicated teacher with a strong commitment to helping others, Ofie further enhanced her qualifications with Body Arts and Science International/BASI organization as a Certified Pilates Educator with a Dance Intensive Specialty from Cal State University Long Beach.  Ofie’s academic achievements, coupled with her unrelenting pursuit of health fitness excellence, has enabled her to find her passion and true connection with BASI Pilates.  As she continued her Pilates’ journey and further immersed herself in the depth of the work, Ofie successfully completed the Legacy Program including the Mentor Program, Master I Program, Master II Program, and Honors Program under the guidance of world renowned practitioner and teacher of Pilates, Rael Isacowitz.  With Rael as her mentor and source of inspiration, Ofie is currently a proud Principal Faculty member of BASI Pilates, a position she holds very dear to her heart.  Ofie’s passion for the philosophy and integrity of the BASI organization creates opportunities for her to share her knowledge, embrace each student, and teach BASI Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Courses, Learn from the Leaders/LFTL Conferences and Workshops both nationally and internationally.

From the enthusiastic beginner to the elite athlete, Ofie’s passion for helping others is personified in her highly skilled individualized strength, cardiovascular, and sports specific Pilates based programs that transforms, revives, and reconstructs the bodies and minds of those who seek a greater purpose in life.  Ofie has shared this gift nationally and globally through her features in PilatesStyle Magazine and honored with the opportunity to work with the American College of Sports Medicine’s delegation of People to People Citizens Ambassador Program to develop and implement the “Exercise is Medicine” initiative. With this recognition, Ofie has positioned herself to expand her horizon to help people achieve a greater sense of physical and mental well-being. Ofie’s deep understanding of a truly healthy lifestyle and love for her calling in life has become an inspiration for everyone she embraces.


Ofie resides in Rancho Palos Verdes with her wonderful husband Clifton. She is an active independent fundraising coordinator for several charities including, the American Heart Association, City of Hope, MDS/Cancer Foundation, Feed the Children, LA Union Rescue Mission, and the Professional School of the Arts.  Her special interests and activities include Pilates, dance, modeling, music, art, running, sports, athletics, and is fluent in Spanish!

“My passion for life and belief in a positive healthy lifestyle is the key to overall wellness. To be able to offer individuals personal gains and positive achievements is one of the greatest gifts I can give to everyone!”

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