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Class Descriptions

Pilates Classes

​Pilates Mat
Pilates mat is an integrated balance of strength, flexibility, alignment, and posture. Pilates clarifies, tones and defines your body. Strength, endurance, control, gracefulness, and lean muscles are only a few of the incredible benefits you will receive from the practice of this unique wellness system. Pilates/The Method is a form of isometric exercises developed and practiced to simultaneously stretch, strengthen, tone, and align the body uniformly. It corrects bad posture, lengthens and stretches the musculature, restores and increases physical vitality, stimulates the mind and elevates the spirit.

Climb the “PILATES MAT  PYRAMID©” Levels 1-5

​Fundamentals (Basic Form) ~ Level 1
This class focuses on the fundamentals of the Method Pilates.  The fundamentals are the "mini" exercises, which create awareness of the primary biomechanics of each movement.  These exercises are used to simplify and enhance the learning of the complex form we call Pilates.  This class is designed to help you master the form in little bites to "get into the body quickly."  If you want to feel this work in your body now, not later, you need the fundamentals to assist you.  This class is recommended for the beginning student and those who want to build/maintain a strong Pilates foundation.

​Classic Mat (Mixed Levels) ~ Level 2
This class offers a body balancing system that strengthens, lengthens, aligns, clarifies and defines your body.  This total body workout emphasizes body alignment to build strength, endurance and flexibility, creating a power center enabling the rest of the body to move freely.  This class is a mixed level class.  Knowledge of the basic fundamentals is recommended.

​Pilates Plus (with Props) ~ Level 3
This class will incorporate the fundamentals of Pilates.  The focus will be on the FORM using correct biomechanics to create space, length, width, and depth.  PILATES PLUS will strengthen and lengthen the muscles utilizing thera-bands, balls, magic circles, and any other creative props we can find.  This class will challenge you and create a sense of overall well being.  This class is a mixed level class utilizing props.  Knowledge of basic Fundamentals and classic mat are recommended.

​Pure Pilates (Traditional Mat) ~ Level 4
This class will emphasize the form, flow and SEQUENCING of a traditional PILATES MAT class for intermediate students.  This class concentrates on the "Pure Pilates" mat work repertoire as originally taught by Joseph Pilates.  This class is an energizing and vigorous workout.  The essence of this traditional sequenced class will challenge the mind and body from the inside out.  You will leave feeling revitalized.  Knowledge of basic fundamentals and classic mat are recommended.

​Power Mat (Intermediate/Advanced) The Ultimate Pilates Workout ~ Level 5
Get ready to work, focus and energize.  The dynamics of this class will provide an excellent workout for the mind and body.  This class will consist of classical Pilates work emphasizing the Power Pilates philosophy of flow in the movement.  Transitions from one exercise to the next will allow you to feel and understand the Pilates work when done in the format for a challenging workout.  This class is for the intermediate/advanced student.  Knowledge of fundamentals to pure Pilates is recommended.

30/30 Fundamentals/Classic Mat ~ Level 1/2​
This class is a combination of 30 minutes of the Fundamentals/Level 1 Pilates class and 30 minutes of the Classic Mat/Level 2 Pilates class. This is a great class to transition from Fundamentals/Level 1 to Classic Mat/Level 2. Please refer to the previous description of each class.


Yoga Classes

​Yoga Basics
This class is perfect for the beginning or first time student.  Yoga Basics will focus on familiarizing the student with the fundamentals of yoga.  An introduction to poses proper breathing and movement through healthy alignment.  This class will awaken your body, mind, and spirit!

Hatha Yoga
This class will invigorate, refresh, and motivate you for the day ahead!  A combination of the body postures, breathing exercises, and other techniques and blends will be taught.  Hatha Yoga will promote flexibility, build strength, reduce stress and bring the body, mind, and spirit into balance.  Students can work at their own level in a non-competitive, safe environment.


Vinyasa Yoga
The Vinyasa Flow style of yoga is an amazing journey and dynamic system.  Vinyasa Flow is a series of movements practiced to create heat, remove blocks, and increase strength and flexibility.  The Vinyasa based yoga is an incredible mind/body workout.  Experience the pleasure and joy that comes with this rejuvenating class.  Namaste.


Strength Training

Body Sculpt

The ultimate conditioning class.  Sculpt and define every inch of your body with this head to toe workout.  This power packed class targets all of the major muscle group.  This is a time efficient, focused, intelligent workout that uses creative and safe training techniques to shape, define, and strengthen both the upper and lower body leaving you coming back for more.  You will love the results!


Get Fit

Get ready to have fun with this high energy “all inclusive” workout. Easy to follow intervals that will work on cardio, strength, agility, balance, and core training. This class will challenge and motivate you to “Get Fit!” So get ready to work, sweat, and have fun!

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