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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your loved ones all the joy, hope and wonder of a heartfelt Christmas! May your Holiday Season be filled with peace, love and happiness! Remember to embrace the moments of cherished time with the ones you love!

This Holiday Season I am requesting that in lieu of any gifts, that donations be made to the following charity which is dear to my heart! Puente de Vida Escuela in Ensenada, Mexico (please see video below). My brother Sal has been avidly involved in the missionary work at Rancho el Refugio in Ensenada, Mexico. He has dedicated himself to create homes, love and support to the poor in this region. This year we are joining forces in serving children at risk in Northern Mexico. The primary mission is to demonstrate God's love and care in helping the children with the necessities of life and living. Puente de Vida Escuela/School is a ministry of Rancho El Refugio and was built to provide hope and a future for disadvantage children in Ensenada living in poverty. The school will provide a sound education for children in need and also provide two meals a day for each child.

-We cannot shape the world by our own acts of charity-

-We can only love the world and play our part in its redemption-

Please join me in this mission and may you have a happy, healthy and joyous Holiday!

Please make all checks payable to: Life Bridge Ministries International

We are also taking donations for the LA Union Mission annual Toy Drive. Deadline to bring unwarpped gift to the studio is December 10th.

Love and many blessings,



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